Buyer Complaint Policy

This Policy is only Applicable to Merchants or Sellers Who Expressly Endorse The Application of This Policy to their Products or Services.

Recovery of Your Claims is not Guaranteed and Depends on Your Sellers 'Regurns and Refund Policies Applicable to the Product or Services Purchased.

1. General

WEBCASH® Buyer Complaint Policy provides a method for buyers to issue formal complaints about goods paid for through, WEBCASH® but not received, and about goods purchased on an e-store, and paid for through WEBCASH®, which the buyer receives but are significantly not to specification as described by the seller.

The availability of this system as a back-up to direct communication between the buyer and the seller, and as a way to encourage such communication, helps maintain a safe trading community.

2. Eligibility

Buyer complaints must be filed within 14 days of the payment. Even if the buyer's claim is justified, the buyer will only receive a recovery if permitted by the Seller. Recovery Of Your Claim Is Not Guaranteed.

3. Non delivery of goods

WEBCASH® will contact the seller and investigate your claim. If the claim involves non-delivery of goods, the seller must present appropriate proof of postage to the buyer's specified address. If the seller is unable to proof postage of the goods to the specified address, WEBCASH® will try to collect from the seller by debiting the seller's WEBCASH® account. Recovery Of Your Claim Is Not Guaranteed. Claims must be filed not later than 14 days from the date of payment. Only one Claim can be filed per WEBCASH® transaction. WEBCASH® will endeavour to resolve the claim within 30 days from the date the claim is filed, but WEBCASH® may extend or require this time frame if the need arises for further investigations.

4. Decisions are final

Once WEBCASH® has completed the issue of a claim and has deemed the same closed, such a claim will not be reconsidered.

5. Relationship between WEBCASH® and Credit Card Chargeback Rights

Please be advised that credit card chargebacks or any equivalent guidelines do not apply to WEBCASH® transactions.

Please take note that any claims regarding errors by WEBCASH® will be dealt with in accordance with our Discrepancy and Error Resolution Policy.