Withdrawal FAQ

+1. Can I withdraw cash from my Webcash Wallet?

Yes, you can withdraw money from your Webcash Wallet to your personal bank account. The minimum withdrawal amount is RM 1.00. Withdrawals can only be made to Malaysian local banks.

+2. How do I withdraw?

You can initiate a withdrawal by logging on to your Webcash Wallet and clicking Money Transfer. Under Money Transfer, click Withdrawals. Enter the relevant details and click submit for your withdrawal request to be processed.

An email notification will be sent to your email account to notify you about your withdrawal request.

Once the withdrawal request is processed and completed, you will be notified via email confirming that money has been withdrawn.

+3. Are there any charges for withdrawing?

Each withdrawal request is subject to RM0.00 and 0% Tax fee.

+4. How long will the withdrawal process take?

The processing time for withdrawal depends on the source of funds:-

Bank Account top up may take up to 1-2 Business Days
Credit Card top up may take up to 30 Business Days

+5. Can I make a withdrawal to a different bank account?

Yes, similar to a withdrawal you may request for the amount to be credited into a difference bank account by choosing the third-party withdrawal option. On the main menu, click Money Transfer and then click Third Party Transfer to Bank.