Support FAQ

+01. How do I get to support site?

Login to or visit Webcash website and click "SUPPORT" link.

+02. How do I register for support?

At click "REGISTER" to register for support.

+03. What is my support ID and password?

Your support ID is your E-MAIL, same email you registered during support registration above.

+04. How do I solve a problem?

Read through related FAQ / Knowledgebase Articles
If the FAQ / Knowledgebase Articles does not resolve your problem, please submit a complaint or query ticket.

+05. How do I submit a complaint or query ticket?

STEP 1 : Log-in into WEBCASH® Support.
STEP 2 : Click on "Submit a Ticket" option.
STEP 3 : Select "Department" - related issue.

    - Registration - Issue related to personal profile.
    - Account - Issue related to discrepancy in account transaction and balance.
    - Security - Issue related to security.
    - Merchant - Issue related to merchant.
    - Customer Care - General issue.
STEP 4 : Select your priority accordingly. Please do not misuse this option.
STEP 5 : Provide complete details of your problem indicating date and time problems faced.
STEP 6 : In case of "error message" , please upload* "printscreen" image to your ticket.
STEP 7 : Once complete press SUBMIT button.
STEP 8 : Take note of the "TICKET ID" which will appear once submitted.An email will be send to you as confirmation later.

Please keep this Ticket ID as reference to check the status of your complaint.

+06. How to upload "printscreen" image to your ticket?

STEP 1 : When error message appear on screen - press PRINTSCREEN keyboard button.
STEP 2 : Open Ms Word or Ms Excel new document.
STEP 3 : Press "Ctrl+V" to paste.
STEP 4 : Save the new document and upload this document to your ticket.

+07. How to follow up on the ticket / issue?

STEP 1 : You will receive email each time our support staff response to your query.
STEP 2 : Please DO NOT REPLY to that email.
STEP 3 : To response, Log-in to WEBCASH® support.
STEP 4 : Choose option "View Tickets", locate your "Ticket ID" and type in your response.
STEP 5 : There will be a response and follow-up from our support staff.