Security FAQ

+01. How secure is WEBCASH®?

WEBCASH® is developed with the same demands on security and performance as those sites used for bank services and share trading. This means that your confidential personal details, account information and all money transactions are secured and kept safe, using the Extended Validation Secure Socket Layer(SSL) certificate. This technology, which a high-security 256 bit encryption, is certified by Norton Secured.

+02. Is my financial information safe?

When you make payments to merchants using WEBCASH®, the merchant will not receive sensitive financial information such as your credit/debit card or bank account numbers. Hence, you can be sure and not worry about paying someone you do not know.

+03. What is a Secure Code?

The Secure Code entry during login is used to prevent automated login attacks on your account. Random characters, displayed as an image, must be entered correctly in order to continue the login process.

+04. How will I know if an unauthorized transaction was made using my WEBCASH® account?

To safeguard our account holders from identity thefts, WEBCASH® sends a confirmation email to the account holder’s email address for each payment or transaction made through WEBCASH®. Therefore, should you receive an email for a transaction that you did not make, please call Customer Service at WEBCASH® immediately to make a report.

+05. When using WEBCASH®, are the user’s details encrypted?

Yes. WEBCASH® operates on Digicert’s SSL server certificate which ensures that all information is encrypted before they reach the WEBCASH® system. When a shopper fills in the payment form and clicks the ‘Submit’ button, their details are not sent immediately. Instead, a secure link is set up between the shopper’s browser and WEBCASH®, producing a private/public encryption code which then wraps the transaction details before leaving the shopper’s browser.

+06. Will I need to establish my own secure server facilities for my website?

No, WEBCASH® provides all the facilities you need to pass transactions securely over the Internet.

+07. What security measures must we undertake for our systems to be accepted by a processing bank?

With WEBCASH®, no further bank approval is necessary.

+08. Can I FTP to the secure server?

No, FTP is not allowed to the secure server.

+09. Does WEBCASH® use SET?

WEBCASH® does not use SET as it is not an international standard. However, we do utilise our own variant of this to ensure our clients’ peace of mind.

+10. What is a digital certificate?

A digital certificate is an electronic document that is passed between a browser and a server, in order to verify the sender's identity.