PasteNSell FAQ

+01. What is pasteNsell Merchant?

"pasteNsell" concept is a simple and convenient way to receive payment for the product you sell online. This is suitable for selling via blogs, forums, email and static website, where individual item are sold. Full fledge merchants can also use this to promote specific product. By using this service you will receive payment from Webcash.

+02. What is "Pay by WEBCASH®" button?

"pay by WEBCASH®" button is a solution for anyone who has a product or services to sell but but does not have a complete e-commerce website with e-payment module. It is a simple process to become a merchant, copy and paste the codes given. This will create the "pay by WEBCASH®" button at the location of the item sold.

+03. Who can become pasteNsell Merchant and use "Pay by WEBCASH®" button?

Open to all (e.g individuals wants to sell online but does not have an ecommerce site. Suitable to be used in static website, blogs, forums and emails.)

+04. Where can I use "Pay by WEBCASH®" button?

You can use "pay by WEBCASH®" button anywhere - Blogs, Forum, Email, websites, etc.

+05. How do I create and use "Pay by WEBCASH®" button?

Step 1: Register, activate and login as a "pasteNsell" merchant.>
'Step 2: Create product and generate the button HTML code for the product (information such as product code, description, and price will be entered in this section).>
'Step 3: Copy and paste the "pay by WEBCASH®" button in HTML file in websites, blogs, forum, emails, etc.>
'Step 4: Once buyer clicks "pay by WEBCASH®" button it will bring them to Shipping information page, once confirmed the payment page will appear.>
'Step 5: Once the purchase is completed email notification will be sent to both, account holder and "pasteNsell" merchant.>
'Step 6: Check the "Account Inquiry" for the statement and purchaser’s details.

+ 06. What will it cost me to become a pasteNsell Merchant?

"pasteNsell" merchants are charged a transaction fee of 3.5% (excluding 0% Tax) for each successful transaction. No setup fee, No monthly fee and No maintenance fee.

+07. Should I include postage charges in my product price?

Yes you should include postage charges in your product price because it’s your responsibility to deliver the goods.

+08. How secure and trustworthy is the pasteNsell Merchant system?

"pasteNsell" System uses the same Online Payment Gateway System currently deployed by existing Webcash Merchant system.

+09. Can I sell anything using "pay by WEBCASH®" button?

Webonline will not accept any application from the party involves in one of the following products, services and activities:

    - Pornography & Adult Content (included any Adult subscription service and chat).
    - Firearms, Ammunition, High Capacity Magazines, Tasers, Air Guns.
    - Fireworks or Pyrotechnic Devices or Supplies.
    - Unapproved Drugs.
    - Gambling Transactions.
    - Pre-Adult Content - Pictures, Videos, etc. of Individuals Under the Age of 18 Years.
    - Replica and Name Brand "Knock Off" Products.
    - Time Sharing and Vacation Membership Card.
    - Money Laundering.

Sites found to be selling banned products or services later are subject to immediate account termination, frozen funds, forfeiture of funds, fines, and/or order cancellations, all without notice.

+10. What is the Payout Frequency?

Payout of settlement sum to the merchant is on weekly basis. The settlement cut-off time is every Friday and payment made once amount is confirmed. The payment will be bank-in/posted as per the merchant’s request.

+11. Any minimum payout amount?

The minimum payout for weekly settlement is MYR 100.00. If the weekly settlement sum (after deducting the transaction fee) is lower than the minimum payout amount, Webonline will settle the full payout at the end of the month irrespective of the amount.

+12. Do I need to request for the payout?

The payment will released automatically according the payout frequency.

+13. How reliable and trustworthy is the pasteNsell system?

Webcash is an e-money provider licenses by Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) and we’re govern and monitored by the Central Bank.

+14. As a seller using the pasteNsell service, can I request Webcash to cancel a transaction or refund to customer?

Merchant is allowed to cancel a particular transaction with valid reason by informing Webonline so that the refund can be made to the account holder subject to T&C.

+ 15. Is there a single transaction limit?

There is no single transaction limit.

+16. Is there a monthly transaction limit?

There is no monthly transaction limit.

+17. How can I view my transaction history?

You can view transaction history via Webcash account inquiry.

+18. What kind of security protection do you offer?

We\’re using 256 bit SSL certificate encryption provided by Digicert and our own encryption and decryption technique to ensure maximum security.