Webcash gift&cash FAQ

+1. Is it compulsory to be a Webcash account holder for purchasing gift&cash?

No, it is not. It is available to everyone.

+2. What are the payment options for purchasing gift&cash?

There are various types of payment channels to purchase Webcash gift&cash. These channels are Webcash, Cimbclicks, Maybank2U, Maybank2E, Bank Islam, Public Bank, Hong Leong Bank, RHB Bank, Affin Bank.

+3. What can I purchase with Webcash gift&cash?

You can purchase your preferred products from Webcash merchants . Please check Webcash Shopping page for more details.

+4. What should I do when I delete the gift&cash email by mistake?

You can contact or email Webcash customer service (support@kiplepay.com) and your gift&cash will be emailed to you again.

+5. What is delivery date?

Delivery date is the date that the sender chooses Webcash gift&cash to be emailed to the recipient.

+6. Is it possible to extend the expiry date?

No, it is not. The Webcash gift&cash is valid for 30 days upon delivery date.

+7. Is an expired gift&cash refundable?

Yes, it is. The expired gift&cash will be credited into your Webcash account (Sender) and RM5 (excluding 0% Tax) will be deducted for processing fee.

+8. What is the minimum and maximum amount for gift&cash?

The minimum amount is RM5 and the maximum amount is RM200.

+9. Is it possible to purchase more than 1 gift&cash for one recipient?

Yes, it is. You are allowed to purchase maximum 3 Webcash gift&cash for your recipient

+10. How many gift&cash can I buy for each time of purchase?

You are able to purchase maximum 3 gift&cash.

+11. What should I do if I delete and forget the gift&cash pin number?

You are required to contact or email Webcash customer service.
Email address: support@kiplepay.com
Contact No.: 03-8318 8977

+12. What is gift&cash Pin No.?

gift&cash Pin No. is a secure code which is generated and emailed by Webcash to the sender and recipient for opening gift&cash.

+13. How does my recipient receive the gift&cash?

Webcash emails the gift&cash to the recipient and copy the sender in the email upon successful gift&cash Payment.

+14. Is it compulsory to activate the Webcash account for using gift&cash?

Yes, you are required to activate your Webcash account to use your gift&cash.

+15. How can I activate my Webcash account after gift&cash redemption?

You will receive an email from Webcash. You need to click on the activation link to activate your Webcash account.