Account Holder FAQ

+01. What is WEBCASH®?

Webcash is a prepaid account and operates like an online checking account. You can open an account, start using and deposit your money electronically when you decide to. It is so easy that it is "Easier than a checking account". Unlike a bank checking account which requires an account holder to be eligible, he or she must be above 21 years old, have 2 introducer from the same bank-branch, deposit a minimum of RM1,000.00 and pay a maintenance fee.

+02. What is the URL address for this service?

The address is It is basically a place where you open an account and also check you account activity.

+03. How secure is WEBCASH® service?

You can be sure of confidentiality and integrity of your transaction done via Webcash as all information transmitted over the internet is encrypted using 256 Bit SSL.

+04. What can I use this online account for?

This online account can be used:

    1. To purchase product and services from participating Merchants.
    2. You can also transfer money between account holders.

+05. What are the operational hours?

Your account is available 24 hours, 365 days a year.

+06. What are the benefits of using WEBCASH®?

- You can basically buy online and do not have to expose your bank or credit card account.
- Open to everyone and there is no age limit or income limit.
- Enjoy the convenience of online shopping from your home or anywhere.
- Save time to do your purchases hence giving you more time for your family.
- You can extend this account to your children for them to do their own shopping online which will teach them how to manage money. This will also expose them to self-financial management.
- Everyone can have a checking account.
- You can topup electronically before or during transaction to give you the convenience and time saving.
- Large range of merchants accept WEBCASH®. To check the list, click here!.


+01. How do I register for this service?

You can register via our website All personal information in the registration page should be valid, so that verification can be carried out.

+02. Who can register for WEBCASH® account?

Anyone can register for WEBCASH®. WEBCASH® is open to everyone and there is no age limit or income limit.

+03. What documents do I need to register?

All you need to have is to provide your full name and a valid e-mail address and mobile number.

+04. How much do I need to register as an account holder and are there any registration or annual fees?

It is free to register and there is no registration or annual fees for account holders.

+05. How do I know my registration has been accepted?

When you receive an e-mail with your account number and activation link, click the activation link. Once you do that you will be directed to the login page of WEBCASH® and your registration has been accepted. We recommend that you change your password to a length of 8 or more characters using the combinations of capital letters (A,B), small letters (a,b), numerals (1,2) and special characters (#,%) to enhance the security of your account.

+ 06. Can I register multiple accounts?

Yes you can, but you need to have different valid e-mails.

+07. When can I start using this service?

Upon activating your account your will receive an e-mail with a default password and you can use as soon as you have transferred money into your account.

Account Number and Password

+01. What type of ID will I get when I register?

Yoy will receive 8 digit Webcash account number.

+02. Can I change my 8 digit account number?

No, you cannot change your account number.

+03. What should I do if I forget my WEBCASH® password?

You can click "Forgot Password" and a new password will be e-mailed to you.

+04. What should I do if forget my account number?

You can contact our Customer Service at 03-83188977.

Account Deposit

+01. How do I deposit my money into Webcash® account?

There are various types of deposit channels to top-up Webcash account. These channels are Cimbclicks, Maybank2U, Maybank2E, Bank Islam, Public Bank, Hong Leong Bank, RHB Bank, Affin Bank, Credit Card, CIMB cash deposit and ATM machine, cashU.

+02. Is there any service or transaction charges?

Yes, there is a bank or service provider charges for transactions.

+03. How much can I deposit into my Webcash® account?

There is no minimum amount but the maximum balance that is allowed to be kept in the account is RM200.00.

+04. What is fund transfer?

Fund transfer allows you to transfer funds among Webcash account holders or to third party Malaysia bank accounts. Fund transfer between Webcash account holders will take effect instantaneously and fund transfer to a bank account will take between 1 to 2 working days, subject to recipient's bank standard operating procedures.

+ 05. Is there any transfer charges between account holders?

No charges for transferring between account holders.

Making Purchases

+01. What kind of online purchases I can make thru WEBCASH®?

There is a variety of online product and services available for account holders.

+02. What is the daily transaction limit?

There is no limit for daily transaction.

+03. How do I use my WEBCASH® account for payments over the internet?

After selecting your product at the merchant's website, at the check-out stage use WEBCASH® as a payment option. You will be required to key in your account number and password.

+04. How reliable is the transaction that I intend to perform online via WEBCASH®?

We assure your transactions are safe and secure as we apply the latest encryption technology and security measures in providing this service.

+ 05. What should I do if at the point of confirming a transaction, my internet connection gets cut off or there is a power trip?

Should you experience any interruptions at any stage while performing a transaction at WEBCASH®, we advise you to check the status of the transaction by checking your account balance to confirm whether the transaction was successful. If you find any discrepancies, we suggest you a ticket through our e-customer service.

+06. How do I know when a transaction has gone through?

Status of a transaction be it a success or a failure will be displayed. However if your transaction is successful, you will receive an e-mail informing the amount of transaction and your current balance. To verify further, you may go and check the balance of your account.

+07. What happens if I do not have sufficient funds in my account?

If you do not have sufficient funds in your account, the system will prompt you during transaction to deposit funds using the topup option.

+08. What will I receive after I have performed an online purchase?

Your will receive a confirmation that the transaction was successful.

+09. I requested for the wrong product. Can I cancel the transaction?

Please check the merchant's policy as WEBCASH® will only cancel if the merchant agrees.

+10. Whom do I contact if there are problems with purchase or deposit?

For purchase please contact the merchant. For deposit you can open a ticket through our e-customer service and follow the instructions.

Technical Details

+01. What are the recommended hardware and software requirements?

Apart from an internet enabled computer, there is no added hardware requirement. However to get optimal performance we advise you to have a broadband connection.

+02. Who do I call for support?

You can open a ticket at our e-customer service and follow the instructions.

+03. Can I access to WEBCASH® via a publicly shared computer such as cybercafe?

Yes you can.

Closing an Account

+01. How do I close my webcash account?

Click "close account" in my account page and follow instructions to close account.

+02. What will happen after I close my account?

Your account will be closed and an e-mail will be sent to confirm the balance due. You cannot access your account anymore. To reactivate, you must contact us within 48 hours.

+03. Will I receive the balance in my account?

Yes, you will receive the balance money will be credited back to your own bank account.

+04. Can I withdraw my money?

Yes, a minimum withdrawal of RM50 is allowed. Processing fee of RM0.00 (excluding 0% Tax) will be charged for every withdrawal. All withdrawals will be refunded under the account holder's name.